DO THEEE DOT is a very simple and inexpensive tool that every believer can use.

It is a simple small plastic RED DOT (symbolic of the blood of Jesus) that can be placed on an individual's watch, credit cards, cell phone, iPad, driver’s license or even eyeglasses. This RED DOT reminds the believer of what Christ did for them and others 2000 years ago when he died on the cross and shed his blood. It alerts the believer to always be looking for God ordained opportunities to share the GOOD NEWS. For sure, it will open many doors of conversation when a person ask you, "What is the RED DOT for?" Your response, "It reminds me of Jesus and I know for certain I'm going to Heaven when I about you?"Order some today.

Also available are business card size DO THEEE DOT 'Conversation User Guides' to assist an individual on the use of the RED DOT.


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