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HAND to HAND EVANGELISM size ((3 1/2 X 2)

The HAND to HAND EVANGELISM 'Business Card Size' was developed when some laypeople approached DBM about designing something smaller to carry with them as a learning tool. It is not only a great learning tool to help a person remember the simple outline it is also used as a Gospel tract to be given away. Many churches use these as an 'INVITE CARD' which allows an individual to present the card as they 'invite' people to their church. It also becomes a wonderful door opener for a GOOD NEWS, gospel conversation. Remember, anything we can put in the hands of an individual believer to assist him in sharing Jesus is worth the time and effort. 

Hand to Hand Business Card (per 50)

  • All shipments should arrive within 7-10 business days from order date. For expedited shipping please email your order # to and I will reply with additonal shipping options and pricing. 

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